Free Inspections

Our inspection process includes :

  1. We will cover all the problem areas on your carpet check for Un-Wanted Stains We can remove most any spots form your carpet. Pet urine, red drinks, coffee, tar, wax, carbide, plant soil, and some wood stains. Before you replace your carpet give us a call. We are the Carpet Wizard.

    We also provide deodorizing services. We specialize in the removal of dog and cat urine odors. We do not just mask the odor we eliminate it.

  2. We will calculate the wear age of your carpet and explain how long it will be until you will need to replace it, and give you a prescription to make your carpet last as long as possible.

  3. We will determine if your carpet is in good health, yes, your carpets health can effect you and your families health.

  4. We will test your high traffic lanes.  We will tell you how to make these areas look as good as the rest of your carpet.  There is no cost or obligation to get one thing cleaned.  It is totally free...

This free inspection and price quote take about 15 minutes.  At Wizard Carpet Care & More we don't bait and switch in our pricing like many other companies, the price we quote is the price you'll pay.  Other items can be quoted at your request.

You can choose between an inspection price quote only, or you can have us prepared to clean on the same day as your inspection and price quote.

This is definitely not just an estimate, this is valuable information from a certified inspector.